BXT files and antivirus software


It takes a long time to open a BioNumerics (GelCompar II) database, even for databases that contain only few entries. What could be the reason?


It might be the antivirus software on your computer that slows down the startup process of the program. More specifically, the program extensions "*.BXT" files are marked as "suspicious" by some antivirus programs and therefore scanned each time the program loads. Evidence for this can be found in the "BNLOG.TXT" file in the home directory. This log file can be opened in a text editor such as NotePad. If the log indicates that adding a .BXT extension takes several seconds, you could try to add an exception in the antivirus program's settings, either for files with the extension "BXT" or for any files that are accessed by "BN.EXE".


Applicable for: 
Version 6.0 - 6.1


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