Band search settings relative to max value


When I perform an automatic band search, in some lanes too many bands are found, while in other lanes of the same gel almost no band is found. Is there a way to specify the parameters per lane?


This problem typically occurs with lanes having strongly different intensities. The band search filter Minimal profiling is based upon a % scale of which 100% is the highest value found, either within the whole gel, or per single pattern. When 100% is related to the whole gel, bands in weak patterns may fall below the threshold, whereas in dark patterns, even background peaks may be detected as bands. To solve this problem, there is an option to rescale the intensity per lane. Go to step 4 of the gel processing window and choose Edit > Edit settings. Enable the option Rel. to max. val..


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 7.6


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