Area sensitive setting


When I cluster gel patterns using a band-based coefficient, what value is used when I select "Area sensitive"? What is the function of the 'Comparative Quantification' settings in the Fingerprint type window?


The relative area is used, obtained by Gaussian deconvolution. This means that, if you change the Gaussian curve for a band in step 4 of the gel processing window, the similarity based on an area sensitive coefficient will be influenced.

The Settings > Comparative quantification menu in the Fingerprint type window allows you to use different band intensity measures in the Bands matching analysis. When you perform a band matching in the Comparison window, a band matching table can be obtained in a composite dataset that contains this fingerprint type. The values shown and used in this table depend on the choice you made in the Comparative quantification settings, which can be one-dimensional: Band height, Band surface, Relative band surface, or two-dimensional: Volume, Relative volume, or Concentration.


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 7.6


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