Adapting the software


Would it be possible to adapt the software to meet our specific needs?


Flexibility is offered by the script language of our software packages and the Python® programming language. These programming languages contain a large array of specialized functions that allows one to customize the software to a considerable degree (e.g. automation of specific tasks, import of own data formats, etc.).

At Applied Maths we already have a library of scripts for frequently requested and useful additional functions, and it is likely that your requests are already available in one or more scripts. If not, it is a service of Applied Maths to design specific scripts for you. Depending on the specificity or the complexity of the request, we may offer you the script(s) for free or at a certain agreed charge. Features that are not achievable using scripts will be implemented in the code of the software, if considered of general interest.


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 8.0