General questions

MANOVA p-value display

I have a problem when doing MANOVA, where the p value showed as: p= -1.#IO%

Geographical information in epidemiology

Is it possible to see the geographic distribution of various strains and serotypes plotted on a map. Is this possible with your software?

Restore default window configuration

I have just upgraded from version 4.x to the latest version of BioNumerics. When I now open my database, the layout of the window appears to be messed up: some panels appear on top of the window, while I can't find other panels.

Internet license not granted

When I try to open a database, the internet license is not granted and I keep getting the error message: "A connection with the server could not be established".

BXT files and antivirus software

It takes a long time to open a BioNumerics (GelCompar II) database, even for databases that contain only few entries. What could be the reason?

Opening a comparison: could not read from file

When trying to open a comparison, we get the error message "Could not read from file 'CompName'." The comparison is stored in the connected database, however. What could be the problem?

Home directory in Vista and Win7

I have recently upgraded the operating system of my computer to Windows Vista. Since then, the "Export report" command in the Fingerprint processing window and the "Export bands" command in the Comparison window don't work anymore. It used to work fine in Windows XP.

Show names of selected entries in an MDS

In the graphical representation of a Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS), it is possible to show the names of entries. However, this gets kind of chaotic when working with many entries. Is it possible to only show the names of selected entries in the MDS representation? This would make the representation look a bit more orderly.


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