All information pertaining the BioNumerics database. This includes import of descriptive information about strains, accession or biological samples (commonly referred to as entries in BioNumerics), modifications to the database layout and setup, entry selections, user management, etc.

Multiple user access

Can multiple users access the same database, and at the same time?

Information field states

Is there a way to limit the information that can be entered in a database field to a defined set of choices, so typo's and inconsistent notations can be avoided?

Spaces in key field

When importing data from an external file, the data was not linked to the existing entries in the database, instead, new entries were created with the same key below the already existing entries. How is this possible?

XML Tools plugin with non-ASCI characters

I have a problem with the XML Tools plugin: I was able to export my data, but the subsequent import in a new database failed.

Multiple links to experiment

When I try to add all lanes automatically to the database, I receive a message mentioning several errors of the type "Key ... contains multiple links to experiment ...".


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