Connected databases

BioNumerics stores its data in a relational (SQL) database, usually referred to as “connected database” in the software. Following database types are supported: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle and MySQL. This topic contains information on the creation and setup of databases in the database management software (DBMS) and on how to link BioNumerics via an ODBC connection to an existing database.

SQLite error I/O error

I am trying to save something to my BioNumerics database and I keep getting an error message saying 'SQLite error, disk I/O error (error code 1802)'. How do I solve this?

SQLite error disk malformed

In my BioNumerics database I suddenly got a SQLite error message saying 'Database disk image is malformed (error code 11)'. I now receive this message with anything I try to do in the database, even after closing and reopening the database.

Non-ASCII characters in BioNumerics

I want to enter Chinese text in my BioNumerics database, but when I close and re-open the program, any Chinese characters are replaced by question marks.

SQLite not suitable for simultaneous multi-user access

During import of experimental data, the error message “SQLite error 'database is locked' (error code 5).” appears.

Cannot restore database

I am trying to restore a BioNumerics database backup (*.bnbk file), but the error message “Cannot restore database: local SQL server express engine not found.” pops up and the restore action fails. What could be the reason?

Cannot open backup device

I have trouble restoring a BioNumerics database backup. Following error message appears:

“Cannot open backup device 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.BIONUMERICS\MSSQL\Backup\MyDatabase.bak'. Operating system error 5.”

Special characters in Oracle

I am using an Oracle connected database. When I enter any special characters like the c cedilla (ç) or u umlaut (ü) in BioNumerics, it seems fine at first, but the special characters are gone when I open the database later again. Is there a way to preserve the special characters?

Cannot create new database with MS Access

I try to create a new BioNumerics database with the option Use MS Access based checked. An error message “Error while opening connected database ‘MyDatabase’: Data source name not found and no default driver specified” is generated and the database cannot be opened.

Remnants of deleted entry information fields

An entry field in my database doesn't have an icon displayed in the entry fields panel and it doesn't show up in the Database entries panel either. When I try to remove this field, it re-appears after reloading the data. It also interferes with the data exchange tools: when the content of this field is included in an export, the error message “'NoneType' object has no attribute 'Name' Python exception type '<type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>'” appears.

Setting up a database for multi-user access

This tutorial describes the specific setup needed to make a BioNumerics Seven database accessible by multiple users simultaneously.


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