BioNumerics 2D

BioNumerics 2D is a fully featured application for complete analysis and databasing of two-dimensional gels. Applied Maths’ experience in image analysis has been fully exploited to achieve reliable automatic gel alignments. A project-based interface allows for the automated batch processing of multiple gels, including experiments with repeats or multiplexed gels such as DIGE. In addition, interactive overlay images with gels shown in different colors allow the user to manually correct normalizations and detect unique and common spots at a glance. BioNumerics allows protein spots from 2D gels to be identified and stored in the database. As such, 2D gel information can be analyzed using all the available querying, clustering, identification, and ordination techniques available in BioNumerics.

Being part of the BioNumerics platform, BioNumerics 2D is integrated with powerful sequence and microarray databasing and analysis solutions, and offers analytical and interpretative features that no other package can offer.